Brian Boyd about 4FP Academy

I liked very much the mix of exploring the inner development and motivations as a person but then applying this to changing everyday situations.

Give a brief description of yourself, your business and your professional role.

Brian Boyd, working at Straumann in Malmö as Head of Quality Management. In short, my background is that I have an M.Sc. in Analytical Chemistry and have previously worked at pharmaceutical and biotech companies in both Ireland and Sweden in roles within R&D, production and quality control. I moved to Skåne 10 years ago as a ’love immigrant’ from Ireland and am still happily living here with my wife and two kids. Straumann manufacture dentistry products and are specialists in tooth replacement solutions. In Malmö we manufacture biomaterial products which are used for tooth regeneration applications.

Can you describe what challenge you brought with you to the program?

Straumann in Malmö has gone through many changes over the last 5 years. We are now at a stage where we need to fully optimize our processes and prepare for substantial increases to our production volumes. All while reducing costs and improving supply chain efficiency. To support this increase in production, the Quality team needs to be more efficient, flexible, decisive and dynamic. Another challenge we have within the Quality team at Straumann is to improve our processes while still maintaining compliance to all industry standards and regulatory requirements. On a personal level, I had just returned to work from parental leave, so had a lot of thoughts and uncertainties returning to work. An unknown challenge to me before I started the 4FP program was how to find significance and meaning in my work again.

 What were your expectations?

I expected the course to really challenge me. It was going to be a course where I really had to participate, not just sit there and listen. I hoped the course would give me some new perspectives and inspiration.

Describe some events or experiences that had special meaning for you.

On the 4FP Academy, I think we used the word ’chaos’ hundreds of times when we were exploring the 4FP concept and how it could be used to achieve extraordinary results. This ’chaos’ was often uncomfortable, frustrating and scary but often lead to inspiration, energy and enlightenment … eventually! For someone that likes to be organised and have control over my work, embracing and using this ’chaos’ was a new strength to learn.

Another unexpected benefit of the 4FP academy is the support and advice from my course colleagues. The discussions during and even after the workshops have been extremely important and open. There has been a real supportive culture with very honest and fresh feedback.
I also liked very much the mix of exploring the inner development and motivations as a person but then applying this to changing everyday situations. The thought process of defining changes to achieve extraordinary results was not rushed and was well thought out before any actions were started.

Do you remember what it was that made you choose 4FP’s program?

I had previously gone to a half day introduction to the 4FP concept in Malmö in 2015. I thought the concept was interesting and different to other management or development training or courses I had been on. The idea of developing both yourself as a person as well as developing the ways of working with my team appealed to me. A colleague at Straumann had also completed the 4FP academy in 2015 and I saw to benefits and fantastic development she had made, so this encouraged me even more to try the 4FP academy.

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